As top installers in the areas we cover (Harrow/London and Bournemouth/South Coast), you can be confident that we'll get you set up properly.

Professional Setup

We are fully trained to install the full Nest product range, from thermostats to security cameras.

The Nest learning thermostat can replace most traditional thermostats. They can be installed on a variety of systems from conventional open vent systems to combination boilers.

Nest gets to know the temperature that you like at home and turns itself down when you’re away. It notices patterns in how your home warms up so it can use energy as efficiently as possible, saving you money.

We can install other Nest products such as Cameras, which can not only record video, but in addition they can alert you with a photo of the person at the door as well as make use of facial recognition technology.

24/7 Support

Our emergency service means we can get to you as soon as you need us.

Fully Trained Professionals

Our team is fully qualified to maintain your systems and regularly trains on industry best practice standards.

Fixed prices

We provide fixed price quotations for maintenance of all systems no matter their type or size.

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